Wedding Collection

Wedding, evening, ball dresses. Ballroom dresses for girls

Wedding Collection
Salon of exclusive and fashionable wedding dresses Emanuel.
The bride's attire is one of the most important elements not only of the wedding celebration itself, but also of the girl's life, because she needs to shine at the ceremony itself, and look good in photos and videos. You can buy wedding dresses today in many salons and shops, but it's more profitable to choose a branded salon of wedding dresses from a direct manufacturer.

  Collections of clothes for brides:

L'AMOUR (2016);
SOFT (2015);


WEDDING SALON Collection of wedding, evening, children's ballroom, dresses 2017 - 2018


Terms of the order

To order dresses from Europe: 1. Specify model number, color, size. 2. Within 24 hours (on working days) we contact you to confirm the order 3. Prepayment 50% of the order value 4. Terms of the order up to 14 workdays. Days 5. Before sending, we are waiting for 100% full payment. 6. The quality of materials listed in the catalog is guaranteed. 7. Paypal payment