ORTENSIA 2017-2018

Wedding dresses, ball dresses.

Wedding dress ORTENSIA

OLIVIA - T0533

A gentle wedding dress from the new collection of 2018. The top of the dress with the fourth sleeves is decorated with the finest lace.


Model Orabell - magnificent ball gown in white execution, with the refined lace top from the wonderful guipure, embroidered with beads. A sumptuous skirt with a long train and lace appliqués is worthy of royal attire.



Model Orabella - a fabulous beauty attire in ballroom style, made in perfect white color. A light, tight laced top and a lush skirt with a long train are lavished with lace and pearl beads.

OFELIA - T0535

OFELIA - T0535    Model Ofeli is a delicate and romantic outfit with a silhouette of a "princess", perfect whiteness and a fabulous volumetric floral decoration, combines classic and the most fashionable trends of the season.

ORLIN - T0536

Model Orlin - exclusive beauty wedding dress in ballroom style, in a marvelous combination of snow-white background and lace of sky-blue color of different tones, amazes with its splendor and brilliance of rhinestones.


Model Oriella - white dress with an open top, embroidered patterns of pearl beads allow this dress to glow with its own light, creating a dazzling bride. The curvature of the skirt with a train emphasizes the elegance of the figure and the beauty of the skin


OLEXIA - T0538

Model Olexia - an amazing lace dress in the style of "mermaid" or "fish" perfectly emphasizes all the seductive curves of the body, and lace and wonderful 3d applications on the bodice create a stunning romantic image.


ODRY - T0539   

Odry is the embodiment of elegance in the classic image of the bride: the perfect whiteness of luxurious fabrics, impeccable princess style cut, fantastic lace appliqués and a voluminous skirt with a small train.

OLLANA - Т0544

Elegant wedding dress Ollana with exquisite fitting silhouette, fabulously beautiful 3d decor of guipure colors and a bold cut of the skirt will win everyone with its femininity and luxurious look.

ORVIL - T0547

ORVIL - T0547    Model Orvil - an exclusive wedding dress with a silhouette of a "mermaid", sleeveless, with a translucent lower part of a skirt with a long train literally flatter the chiseled figure of its owner - a beautiful bride. #beautiful #fashion #wedding


OPAL - T0549

OPAL - T0549 The Opal model is a highlight of the ORTENSIA collection, an outfit for an exclusive bride. It combines an impeccable silhouette, a magnificent skirt "tail of a mermaid" and a seductive Baska with a playful bow. Luxury lace appliqués #beautiful, #fashion #wedding

OLFIA - T0557

Model Olfia - snow-white, mysteriously shimmering wedding attire "mermaid" delightfully emphasizes all the dignity of the female figure. Magnificent lacy 3d applications wavy lines descend on a luxurious train


The Ornella model is very lush, with a sumptuous royal train, an ideal white wedding dress with a stunning 3d decor in the form of butterflies of different sizes. A tight bodice with a straight neckline is also decorated with voluminous flowers and butterflies #beautiful, #fashion #wedding #designer

OMAXY - T0606

Model Omaxy - performed in the style of "princess". The bodice with an open neckline "heart" and the worn straps is decorated with delightful 3d colors. A lush snow-white tulle skirt with a royal train is also decorated with vertical lace appliqués.

ORASE - T0607

Model Orase - an amazing pomp of wedding dress ballroom. The exquisite shape of the bodice is trimmed with lace and 3d flowers. A snow-white tulle skirt with a luxurious train is also decorated with lace appliqués.


Model Ornetta - a romantic wedding dress in the style of "princess". The bodice with long sleeves is embroidered with French guipure in the form of flowers and large dots. Snow-white tulle skirt with counter folds is also decorated with lace appliqués.

OLLIZE - T0610

Model Ollize - elegant wedding dress in the style of "year". The bodice and back are decorated with fabric "illusion" and framed with wonderful lace. The highlight of the dress - lace guipure decor and hand embroidery with beads

OLLEDY - Т0616

The Olledy model is a delightful wedding dress in a lace frame of French guipure and sequins. The open top with a long sleeves is harmoniously combined with a magnificent ball-dress skirt, decorated with lace and a train.

ORIEL - Т0617

The Oriel model is a royal wedding dress with an "illusion" bodice, completely manually embroidered with flickering lenses. A white skirt of snow-white tulle admires its volume and a luxurious train

OVLINA - Т0619

The Ovlina model is a delightful wedding dress of the perfect white color, in ballroom style, with exquisite Indian lace embroidered with rhinestones, and a sumptuous tulle skirt with a long, decorated appliqué train.


The Olianna model is an exquisite white dress-year with a pearly handmade decor throughout the surface. An open bodily heart is trimmed with a pearl rim. The skirt from the knee expands with beautiful flounces and ends with an exquisite train. #beautiful #fashion #wedding #desigen


ONDIAL - T0628

Model Ondial - wedding dress with a stunning floral 3d decor in soft cream shades. The basis is a tight-fitting figure of the year, from above - a weightless cloth in lace over the top and a stunning 3d on the bottom of the skirt.

OMALIA - T0636

Model Omalia - an amazing elegant wedding dress, a fish, sewn on a figure, with lace guipure finish. A skirt with a long tail forms a volume from below, luxurious lambada sleeves - support the design from above. The open back is a spicy detail of the outfit #beautiful, #fashion #wedding #design

OLYANA - T0637

The Olyana model is an exquisite short cappuccino dress in a lace frame of 3d guipure colors of perfect white color. The base is a mini dress-case, trimmed with a transparent fabric with lace trim. Original finish of the backrest

OLEYRA - T0638

The Oleyra model is an elegant gown with asymmetrical details and a white decor in 3d. Perfect cut provides an impeccable silhouette. The upper part has an asymmetrical strap. Also an asymmetrically decorated closed cut on the skirt. A wonderful 3d floral decor is used.


Model Oriadna - a wonderful dress-fish with appliqués and a delicate skirt of tulle pastel shade. The snow-white guipure top is embroidered with exquisite lace. On the skirt - a luxurious train.

Description of the model T0452

Description of the model T0452 - stylish short dress with lace fabric train Model T0452 is an original tight-fitting short dress with a train that can be easily removed. This will allow the bride to change the image during the celebration.