OLEXIA - T0538

Model Olexia - an amazing lace dress in the style of "mermaid" or "fish" perfectly emphasizes all the seductive curves of the body, and lace and wonderful 3d applications on the bodice create a stunning romantic image.

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Description of the model OLEXIA - impeccable wedding dress for a real beauty

Model Olexia - a little provocative, very feminine wedding dress in the color of snowy whiteness. A real explosion of delight!

This amazing dress with a cut "mermaid" fits perfectly on a figure with impeccable shapes. A special delight comes from the upper part - a laced bodice with a bang loop. Transparent tissue on the shoulders and almost completely naked back creates an amazing effect of the second skin, which is further strengthened by a long row of large buttons along the wavy curves of the spine. The designer's discovery is a wonderful three-dimensional frame from lacy 3d appliqués-festons around the entire perimeter of the bodice, which smoothly goes down, covering all the charms. But just above the knee, Olexia's dress seems to blossom with a skirt of exquisite cut, with a long wavy train, making every movement of the bride incredibly seductive and sensual. Such a wedding dress will suit girls with a good figure who can move beautifully in tight outfits with a long skirt.

Model OLEXIA amazes with its impeccable form and exquisite romantic decor of real French lace.