OMAXY - T0606

Model Omaxy - performed in the style of "princess". The bodice with an open neckline "heart" and the worn straps is decorated with delightful 3d colors. A lush snow-white tulle skirt with a royal train is also decorated with vertical lace appliqués.

  • Category: Wedding dress ORTENSIA



Description of the model OMAXY - exquisite wedding dress "princess" with a stunning floral 3D decor

The Omaxy dress is a fabulously beautiful and seductive outfit for the bride on her happiest day. Impeccable design and delightful beauty 3D decor enchants with refinement and inimitability.

A tight, tight bodice is decorated with a lace with 3d applications, a playful neckline "heart" and worn straps give coquetry to the image of the bride and attracts the eye to the décolletage area. On the edge of the top is decorated with a charming 3d floral decor. The rather deep neckline on the back is also decorated with a lace volumetric decor, and its ideal whiteness accentuates the velvet skin of the beautiful bride. The highlight of the design is an elegant lacing and a piquant bow. Lush white snowy tulle skirt "princess" with a royal train is decorated with vertical lace applications in the form of falling strips, and its air fabrics create the effect of lightness.

The OMAXY dress  is an excellent choice for a lavish celebration. Luxurious outfit creates a feeling of grace, elegance and regal greatness of a beautiful bride.