The Ornella model is very lush, with a sumptuous royal train, an ideal white wedding dress with a stunning 3d decor in the form of butterflies of different sizes. A tight bodice with a straight neckline is also decorated with voluminous flowers and butterflies #beautiful, #fashion #wedding #designer

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Description of the model ORNELLA - fabulous beauty attire with elegant volumetric decor

Snow-white, very voluminous and at the same time, the air wedding dress Ornella looks very romantic and at the same time royally majestic.

The design of Ornell's model is built on contrasts. A tightly fitting bust, the most open bodice with a straight neckline, is very seductively highlighted by the beauty of the shoulders, neck and the most sensual part of the back. At the waist line, the minimalism of the upper part seems to explode with the incredible splendor of the fatine waves of the voluminous skirt with a very large royal train. Combines these two parts of the dress with a wonderful, delicate and very attractive 3D surround of hundreds of snow-white butterflies that surround the skirt with a cloud, flock to the train, and several - admire the beauty of the charming flower on the bodice. A clasp in the form of an ideal lacing on the back adds an Ornella dress to seductive sensuality. Complete perfection of the image of an airy veil with the same graceful butterflies.

A wonderful Ornella dress evokes admiration for royal elegance and endless romanticism. A stunning bride will be remembered for a very long time!