ORVIL - T0547

ORVIL - T0547    Model Orvil - an exclusive wedding dress with a silhouette of a "mermaid", sleeveless, with a translucent lower part of a skirt with a long train literally flatter the chiseled figure of its owner - a beautiful bride. #beautiful #fashion #wedding

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Description of the model ORVIL - dazzling silhouette dress in lace mosaic

Orvil wedding dress with a silhouette of a mermaid cut admires not only its impeccable cut, but also fantastic beauty lace decor.

The basis of the model is a small bodycon dress, with a cutout "heart" perfectly sitting on the figure. Color is a gentle pastel, which further emphasizes the snowy whiteness of French lace that has blossomed all over the dress. It is made of transparent fabric and therefore it seems almost weightless. Lace beautifully fit the body, and on the transparent part of the skirt, falling into a long train, it seems that they literally soar in the air, chastely covering slender legs. From the back, Orville's dress looks amazingly tempting - thanks to a wide, large lacing that pulls the figure to an ideal, very feminine silhouette. The original design find is a small cut that opens the back in the most sensual place.

Undoubtedly, to create an amazing wedding dress ORVIL  was touched by a real master, appreciating female beauty and able to emphasize it - sensually, but delicately.