OVLINA - Т0619

The Ovlina model is a delightful wedding dress of the perfect white color, in ballroom style, with exquisite Indian lace embroidered with rhinestones, and a sumptuous tulle skirt with a long, decorated appliqué train.

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Description of the model OVLINA - a delightful wedding dress in ballroom with chic lace

Model Ovlina - a delightful wedding dress in a ball-like style of snow-white air fabrics, stunning not only with its shape, but also with an unrivaled patterned decor.

The bodice of the Ovlin dress consists of a dense corset with a cutout "heart", covered with a transparent mesh with a stripe of expensive Indian lace. To emphasize the exquisite lines of lace, they are additionally decorated with a stripe of rhinestones made by hand. Symmetrical, large pattern of the top with a classic cutout baatho tightly fits a graceful figure, on the back - a vertical buckle of small buttons. Lace beautiful feston pass to a very lush multi-layered skirt and weightless tulle. A small tail of the beautiful form is originally marked with lace appliqués, placed vertically from the waist down. The whiteness of luxurious fabrics beautifully color the skin color of the body.

Model OVLINA  is successfully added with a beautiful sparkling crown, in which the veil is attached. It can be as short - in a belt, and very long, covering a train. The bride in such a dress will look amazing both at the celebration and in the photographs.