ROXANA - T0568

The Roxana model is a romantic wedding gown in a trendy, gently pink color with a gorgeous 3d flower asymmetrical white gypsy decor with a gentle airy fabric with a polka-dot pattern. A highlight is a pearl ankelbent on the shoulder.

  • Category: REFLECSHIN 2017-2018



Description of the model ROXANA - romantic wedding gown in a trendy soft pink color with 3d decor

The Roxana dress - a romantic wedding gown in a trendy, gently pink color, admires its impeccable silhouette "princess" and a magnificent 3d decor of white flowers.

A delicate shade of the dress is given by a combination of a pink base - a corset with a cutout "heart" and a lower skirt, and a snow-white transparent guipure top with a pattern of "peas". A tight bodice is made without sleeves, with a bateau cut and a beautiful lacing from the satin ribbon on the back. By the air fabric, hand-embroidered lace appliqués and wonderful flowers in 3d format. Such a voluminous decor is the trend of the wedding season 2017-2018. An asymmetrical bouquet crosses the bodice and skirt diagonally, thus creating a romantic aura. The whole bottom of Roxanne's dress is embroidered with lace patterns. The highlight of the dress is on the right shoulder a playful aiguillet of pearl threads that beautifully sway with every movement.